Reinventing Boat Maintenance

Drive-in Boatwash hull cleaning

Boat Cleaning Made Easy

Founded in Sweden in 2009, Drive-in Boatwash produces automated hull cleaning machines for fresh and salt water boating markets. Drive-in Boatwash machines work like a car wash for boats – the boat operator drives into the Boatwash where the boat is safely secured by Drive-in Boatwash staff and our patented rotating brushes thoroughly clean the hull from bow to stern in about 15 minutes.

A true innovation in boat hull and pontoon maintenance, Drive-in Boatwash provides an alternative to hiring divers to clean the hull and removes the need to apply anti-fouling paint. This saves boat owners time and money in maintenance and operational costs. Since it is so convenient, boat owners can use it regularly to keep their boat looking and performing like new.    

Installed in seven countries around the world, Drive-in Boatwash machines have been tested and proven in a wide variety of water conditions. Drive-in Boatwash is now available in the United States through Drive-in Boatwash USA and its network of exclusive distributor partners.

Environmentally Friendly Boat Cleaning

Drive-in Boatwash brushes cleaning boat

Unlike traditional hull cleaning methods, no chemicals are used in the Drive-in Boatwash process. Drive-in Boatwash machines clean boats with brushes, using only the water they’re floating in. Every machine includes a basin to collect any debris removed during the boat cleaning process.

With Drive-in Boatwash, boats can be cleaned frequently and consistently. This eliminates the need to scrape or sand which releases particles into the air. It also eliminates the need for hull etching acids and toxic anti-fouling paint that can leach into local waterways. A clean boat is also a more efficient boat and improved fuel efficiency means reduced carbon emissions.

Because of all this, Drive-in Boatwash machines have gained widespread recognition for their positive environmental impact and have been approved for use in some of the most protected waterways in the United States including San Diego Bay, CA and Biscayne Bay, FL. Read more...