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Drive-in Boatwash FAQ

How does Drive-in Boatwash work?


As simple as a car wash for your boat – you drive your boat into a Drive-in Boatwash machine, staff will secure and tie off your boat, then our patented rotating brushes will travel the hull from bow to stern, removing fouling from the boat. Find out more.


How much does Drive-in Boatwash cost?


Pricing varies by location, boat size and type. Contact your local Drive-in Boatwash for pricing - most locations offer single wash and membership options.


How long does Drive-in Boatwash take?


Drive-in Boatwash can clean most boats (up to 30’) in about 15 minutes. Larger boats can take a little longer.


Can my boat be cleaned by Drive-in Boatwash?


Drive-in Boatwash machines can clean 90% of all boats under 53 ft. in length. If you have specific questions please contact your local Drive-in Boatwash for more information.


Is Drive-in Boatwash safe for my hull?


Yes. Drive-in Boatwash brushes are specifically engineered to clean the hull surface without damaging it.


Is Drive-in Boatwash safe for use with my boat's anti-fouling paint?


Yes, but with regular Drive-in Boatwash cleanings you can eliminate the need to apply anti-fouling paint! In fact, you can purchase a full-year membership to Drive-in Boatwash for roughly the cost of a single paint application.


Will Drive-in Boatwash remove fouling stains?


Regularly using Drive-in Boatwash to clean your boat's hull can prevent fouling stains but will not remove stains already present in a boat's fiberglass.


Will Drive-in Boatwash remove barnacles?


Drive-in Boatwash can remove early stage barnacles and regular use can prevent future barnacles from forming. However, barnacles that have already been growing on the boat for too long will need to be removed by scraping.


How often should I wash my hull?


We recommend using Drive-in Boatwash to clean your boat every 4-6 weeks in most marine environments. However, many factors can impact hull fouling - water temperature, salinity, location - so you may need to adjust your cleaning schedule based on your location.


How much more efficient/faster will my boat be?


Our customers have reported significant improvements in their boat’s efficiency after using Drive-in Boatwash. Improving efficiency can help improve boat speed AND save money on fuel costs. See what our customers are saying.


Is Drive-in Boatwash environmentally friendly – are chemicals used in the process?


Drive-in Boatwash is an eco-friendly way to clean your boat. No chemicals are used in the process – our machines only use the water they’re operating in and our patented brushes to clean the boat surface. Find out more.


Does Drive-in Boatwash offer other services?


Drive-in Boatwash operators can inspect the boat zincs and spot clean any hard to reach areas like the running gear and props. Some locations also offer zinc replacement and other "Top-Side" services such as interior wipe downs. Services are being added all the time – please contact your local Drive-in Boatwash for a complete list of the services they provide.