Become a Distributor

Drive-in Boatwash staff

Drive-in Boatwash is growing and looking for exclusive distributors who are excited about our innovative service and want to help us expand across the United States.

Joining Drive-in Boatwash as an exclusive distributor is an incredible opportunity to be part of a growing network, distributing a truly game-changing technology within the boating and marine industry. As an exclusive distributor you obtain the sole rights to sell, lease or operate all Drive-in Boatwash products within an exclusive territory. This structure offers you attractive earnings potential while working with marina owners, investors and the boating community alike.

Drive-in Boatwash exclusive distributors love boats and the boating lifestyle! They understand boaters and everything involved in boat ownership - from the feeling you get the first time you take your prized possession on out on the water, to the pride you feel when you know your boat is looking and running at peak performance. Our exclusive distributors understand the work involved in maintaining a boat which is why they’re so committed to how Drive-in Boatwash is revolutionizing boat hull maintenance. They’re hard-working, team players who are genuine and capable of representing the Drive-in Boatwash brand with integrity and professionalism in accordance to the standards and guidelines provided by Drive-in Boatwash USA.

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to take the next steps to invest in Drive-in Boatwash as an exclusive distributor, contact us at Drive-in Boatwash USA.

Other Opportunities

Interested in being part of the Drive-in Boatwash future but not as an exclusive distributor? We have many partnership opportunities that can provide a return on investment without the commitment of operating a territory. Contact Drive-in Boatwash USA for more details.